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Hosting is our business


What is Host Accommodation? We are a dedicated group of ‘Hosts’ for a network of motels, motor lodges and hotels conveniently located throughout New Zealand. With properties located from as far South as Invercargill and as far North as Kerikeri there are great options for everyone. All properties must meet our stringent quality standards and we boast good ol’ Kiwi hospitality and customer service to ensure you ALWAYS have a great stay.

什么是Host Accommodation? 我们是一群热心的接待员,将您与纽西兰各地的旅馆,汽车旅馆,以及酒店联系在一起。我们的服务范围从南边的Invercargill到北边的Kerikeri。保证您去哪里我们都可以替您找到最合适的住宿。我们所有的住宿都有严格的品质保证。我们以纯正的kiwi热情款待引以为傲。让您每次都能经历最满意的旅程。

The backbone of Host Accommodation is the property owners themselves – our ‘Hosties’. They love what they do – simply Hosting guests in their properties. They are more than happy to share their knowledge of the area to help you get the best out of your stay. We think they are a unique bunch, making your stay even more memorable and creating a relationship that will make you want to come back again, or visit a fellow Host property. Most importantly, they uphold our Host Accommodation values &: quality standards making the decision to stay with Host an easy one.

热心的接待是Host Accommodation的核心-我们的‘Hosties’。我们热爱这份工作,并且会热心地接待您。当您在当地旅行中遇到问题,我们很乐意为您提供解决方法,让您的旅途愉快舒心。我们的Hostie提供与众不同的优质服务,也十分愿意与您建立友好的关系,并且给您留下美好的印象。Host accommodation 的服务反映了公司的文化价值和质量标准,让您轻松面对每一次的旅行。

We want to reward YOU! Host Rewards is our premium customer loyalty programme that lets you earn Host Reward Dollars while you sleep and redeem them the next time you stay with us. We are a part of the nationwide Goody loyalty system so you can earn rewards at other participating businesses also. When you become a Host Rewards member, you’ll enjoy even more affordable holidays and business trips so you can stay longer, do more, and stress less.

我们采取积分制度!我们会给会员提供Host Rewards,只要您来,就有积分,挣奖励!此次旅行的积分会为您下次的旅行提供更多的优惠。我们的积分制度是全国Goody积分制度的一部分,所以在您使用其他参加Goody积分制度的服务之时,也能得到积分!如果您成为Host Rewards的会员,还可以享受更实惠的假期旅行以及出差旅行。让您在当地停留的时间更长,体验得更多,并且度过一个轻松的假期。

We know how important it is to stay connected to the ‘world’ while either on business or on holiday. All our Host properties offer FREE Internet/Wi-Fi so you can make sure you secure the big business deal or boast to friends & family about the wonderful time you are having away. (Some conditions apply for individual properties.)


Our Hosties New Zealand wide are looking forward to meeting YOU! So be sure to think HOST next time you are booking your next business trip or leisurely holiday.


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